As a child growing up in rural Pennsylvania I saw the world in miniature.  My play centered around a four-room dollhouse.  A neighbor made a cotton family with embroidery hair to live in the dollhouse but I made everything else. I created a birdcage by sticking straight pins close together around the top edge of a cork, covered it with a little round piece of cardboard and caught a fly to put inside for a bird.  The Thanksgiving dinner was a walnut half because it looked like a turkey to me.  When I took my dollhouse outside I cut the grass around it with scissors to make a yard.  There were tiny flowers in a thimble of water on the dining room table.

Now I am a New Englander and still see the world in miniature.   I’ve created a civilization of people with real acorn heads.  They live mostly in tree stump houses in the woods.  Everything in their homes is made from things found in nature.
Acorn People are born wearing acorn caps.  When they go into the deep forest for adventure their caps serve as hard hats to protect them from falling twigs and pointy leaves.  But acorn caps are also thinking caps used to get inspiration...if they think of it.  
Acorn People are a present day society, cultured but without technology.  Uh oh.  No television.  They keep busy bringing in wood for their stoves, cooking natural foods, white water racing, sailing on the ponds and training squirrels.  Squirrels eat acorns but they don’t 
eat acorn people.  Acorn people train squirrels in order to ride them and for pulling their wagons.  By night Acorn People are happy to drop into bed and sleep under thistle down quilts.
I do my best to build everything in this world... even the animals.  Then I document all of it with my camera.  And once and a while I do my own housework.
-Nancy Dickinson
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